AIReF Debt Sustainability Analysis Seminar

Online Streaming - 2017-08-22

A short seminar about fiscal responsibility and public debt sustainability, to be held next 5th September at 16:00hs CET. There will basically be two short presentations followed by questions from the public.

We would like to invite you to a seminar on public debt sustainability organized by AIReF, to be held next 5th September at 16:00hs CET. The seminar will take place in our premises but online streaming will also be available.

The seminar is structured as follows: after the introduction of José Luis Escrivá, AIReF president, the seminar programme features a presentation by prof. Enrique G. Mendoza, Presidential Professor of Economics at University of Pennsylvania, on his latest research about US debt long-term sustainability. The session will later continue with a short discussion on the paper, led by Carlos Cuerpo, AIReF´s economic analysis Director. Immediately after, Rafael Doménech, BBVA Research´s macro analysis Chief Economist, will talk about the key lessons and options for the future that the last recession left in Spain in terms of budgetary stability and structural reforms. The seminar will conclude with a second discussion opened by Pablo Hernández de Cos, Director General of Economics, Statistics and Research at Banco de España.

The seminar programe is here.