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Network chooses new leadership

Network chooses new leadership
The Network of EU IFIs has approved the nomination of IFAC chair Seamus Coffey and Sander van Veldhuizen, programme leader at the Dutch CPB, to act as Chair and Deputy Chair of the Network, respectively, for a period of two years starting from November 2019.

The Network also discussed and approved the terms of the agreement with Brussels-based think tank CEPS that will ensure that there is continued secretarial and research support to the Network over the next two years. Joaquin Almunia, currently the chairman of CEPS, joined the Network meeting to introduce the Network’s new partner to the member IFIs.

Representatives of member IFIs listened to an update on the most recent work done by the Network’s Output Gap Working Group that features testing alternative output gap methodologies on different vintages of data for a selected group of EU countries.

An ambitious work plan has been agreed for the next six to nine months. A Brussels-based media event in early 2020, work on measuring IFI impact and a joint database building exercise are set to dominate the Network’s agenda in the upcoming period, while it keeps a close eye on developments, if any, in the review of the EU fiscal framework following the installation of the new European Commission.

In the afternoon, the Network held a workshop focussed on fiscal forecasting, and the ways in which uncertainty surrounding fiscal forecasts can be captured analytically and subsequently communicated to the public.

To round things off, Manuel Muñiz, Dean of IE School of Global and Public Affairs and Senior Associate of the Harvard Belfer Center for Science and Intl. Affairs, gave a keynote address on the Geopolitics of Technology, highlighting the implications of global trends for governance at various levels.

A picture gallery of the Network meeting is available here.

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