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Recommendations issued in Q3 2017

Recommendations issued in Q3 2017
In the third quarter of 2017, AIReF issued the Report on the expected compliance with the targets for budgetary stability, public debt and the expenditure rule of the General Government (GG) for 2017 and the Report on the establishment of individual 2018-2020 budget stability targets and public debt targets for the Autonomous Regions (ARs). As a result of its assessment, the AIReF issued a total of 29 recommendations to the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations (MINHAFP) (18), to the Ministry of Employment and Social Security (MEYSS) (1), to the particular Region (30) and to the individual Local Government (16) (as the competent bodies to develop said recommendations). Please read the English version of the Summary of Recommendations issued by AIReF in Q3 2017 here.

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