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New issue of European Fiscal Monitor available online

New issue of European Fiscal Monitor available online
The new edition of the Network’s bi-annual European Fiscal Monitor is now available online on our website.

The aim of this publication is to provide an independent input from the national level into the discussions taking place in an EU and global context on fiscal developments in individual EU member states.

This edition contains contributions from 22 independent national fiscal monitoring bodies from the EU as well as an overview produced by our secretariat in collaboration with the Centre for Applied Macro-Finance at the University of York.

The headlines of this edition are as follows:
• EU economies register solid growth rates, and the macroeconomic outlook remains positive

• Fiscal stance is estimated to turn pro-cyclical in several countries and some economies show signs of overheating
• The link between projected fiscal stance and available fiscal space (debt-to-GDP) is weaker in 2017 than in 2016
• There is a significant heterogeneity across EU countries in the extent of medium-term orientation in budgeting

The individual entries are the sole responsibility of the institutions that produce them. The representatives of the Network or other IFIs do not necessarily share the views expressed in the individual contributions. One advantage of this approach is that you as the reader can benefit from the unedited independent perspective of national fiscal watchdogs established under EU and national law.

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