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Committee for EU Affairs of the Network

The work of Chair and Deputy of the Network receives legitimacy from a Committee for EU Affairs of the Network.
The Committee adopts positions on issues concerning relations with EU institutions, including on the EU fiscal framework. Membership in the Committee, as in the Network, is voluntary and open to any EU IFI. The Committee decides, as a rule, by consensus of participating IFIs.
Administrative and technical support to the Committee is provided by the Secretariat, supplied as a voluntary contribution by selected EU IFIs.
The mandate and information on meetings and decision-making are specified in the working procedures of the Committee for EU Affairs.

Austria – Fiskalraat
Germany – Independent Board of Advisors to the Stability Council
Ireland – IFAC
Italy - UPB
Luxembourg – Conseil National des Finances Publiques
The Netherlands - Centraalplanbureau
Portugal – Public Finance Council
Slovakia - Council for Budget Responsibility
Spain – AIReF

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